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SLS archive Finna Search Service

SLS archive's Finna view is a search service for the SLS Archive, where you can search the main catalogues and digitized materials of the Archive and the SLS Library in one go.

Simple search on the home page cover SLS materials, i.e.:

  • The SLS Archive’s main catalogue of archival materials
  • The SLS Archive’s digitized materials included in Finna
  • The SLS Library catalogue
  • SLS’s publication archives from Doria.

You may also narrow your search to specific types of materials (photographs, archives/collections, videos or audio recordings) via the links beneath the search field under Browse.

Skärmklipp av Bläddra-balken under sökrutan

Simple search

For a simple search, type in the name or acronym of the archive or collection, a person’s name, a place name or another relevant search term in the search field.

If you enter several search terms with spaces in between, the system will add the standard operator AND, i.e. it will show results including all or your terms.

The system will suggest objects related to your search term and, further down the drop-down menu, filters for narrowing your search. Clicking on the suggestions will quickly narrow your search to a specific type of material or topic, for example.

Skärmklipp av en enkel sökning med sökord 'topelius'

Advanced search

Unfortunately, the advanced search is not fully operational. We currently recommend using the simple search with various search facets.

Finna.fi has more information on various search operators and other tools.

Filtering search results

The results page allows you to narrow your search results using ready-made search facets. The facets can be found under Narrow Search on the left.

You may open several facets by clicking on the arrows in the facet headers and selecting specific values. This automatically filters your search results.

Skärmklipp av sökresultat med sökord 'topelius' och hur man begränsar resultaten med sökfacetterna

Object entries and metadata

To access the detailed data on the chosen materials, click on the header.

Skärmklipp av detaljerade uppgifter. Zacharias Topelius vid sitt skrivbord, SLSA 810_30

Click on the material’s icon or picture to open a preview of the image and some of the data. You can zoom in on the preview.

All the SLS Archive materials found Finna may be downloaded and used freely as long as the author and source (Society of Swedish Literature in Finland, SLS) are credited. The materials are licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Need support or want to give feedback? More information is available HERE.